Corbett Avoiding A PA ‘Right-To-Work’ Legislative Push

Corbett Avoiding A 'Right-To-Work' Legislative Push

Gov. Tom Corbett

HARRISBURG PA — On the surface, Pennsylvania may look like the next front in an ongoing battle between Republicans and big labor which flared up in Michigan last week as lawmakers there approved so-called “right-to-work” legislation. Don’t expect it to happen here anytime soon, though, The Pennsylvania Independent online news service reported Friday (Dec. 14, 2012).

All is quiet on the labor front in Pennsylvania, at least for right now, The Independent reported, and Gov. Tom Corbett indicated he does not plan on changing that.

Like Michigan – and Indiana and Ohio, where similar battles have occurred — Pennsylvania has a Republican governor and a Republican-controlled Legislature.  Like those other states, it has a long history of powerful labor unions.

During an appearance last week on a Philadelphia talk radio show, however, Corbett said Pennsylvania lacks “the will” to pass right-to-work legislation. It was not a top priority for him as the Legislature gears up for a new session in January, he said.

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