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9 Photo Facts From Family Dollar’s Sanatoga Pitch

Lower Pottsgrove commissioners generally agree: the notion of a "dollar store"

Family Dollar Proposes Sanatoga Store Construction

A Family Dollar retail store is proposed to be built on

Straight From The Owners: Thriftway Remains Open

A sign posted in the window of the Sanatoga Thriftway settles

In 51 Years, Sanatogan Did It All At Firestone Store

Sanatoga resident Lew Babel, who remains as Lower Pottsgrove fire marshal,

Pottstown K-Mart Store Signs Announce Its Closing

The largest, most visible and until now most durable retailer in

Giant Supermarkets Donate $5M To Children’s Hospital

The company, which operates five stores within 15 miles of Pottstown

Poll: Target Data Breach Scaring Away Shoppers

The recent data breach at Target stores is wider-ranging than expected

Ross’ Store, Anchor At Coventry Mall, Closing Jan. 19

The discount apparel and home fashion store, opened in 2003, will

Restaurant Owner Rose Group Bestows New Award

The company operates restaurants in Pottstown, Royersford and King of Prussia.

Popular Sanatoga Appliance Firm Opens A Bible Business

Sanatoga Corporation, which has sold radios and then other appliances on

Plan To Survive Pottstown’s Seasonal Business Cycle

A seasonal boom in sales comes at a price, according to

Smiles Are Bigger, And Eyes Brighter, In Pottstown

Need proof? You need only look at the upbeat inaugural video